Yuma Radne (2001, Ulaan Ude)

I clearly understood that I wanted to be a painter since the age of 5. Wanted to quit school when I was 17 but turned homeschooling to have more time to do art, meanwhile preparing for my first solo show in the National Museum of Republic of Buryatia. In 2018 I beginned my studies at the monumental painting department in the Shtiglitz Academy (Saint Petersburg).

It was very traditional and technical, which actually helped me a lot, but I wanted to be more free in my art. In Stiglitz's I didn't have time to produce my own art as the education process was very intense and I was busy learning anatomical drawing, technical drawing, copying ancient frescos and so on. So I gave up after the 2nd semester.

That was my plan from the beginning anyway, I had been dreaming of studying in Vienna since I was 16. I applied to the Academy of Fine Arts, but due to bureaucratic moments my portfolio didn’t get delivered in time and I spent one year studying at the University of Industrial Art and Design Linz.

Living in a small cute city in Upper Austria was a lot of fun,I upgraded my German and got even more confident about Vienna. I cannot explain why I chose Vienna but it was a good decision. From 2020 I am studying in the Academy of Fine Arts Vienna, figurative painting class.